What treatment will we be offered?

The Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) Clinic is a world leader in research into the treatment of child anxiety and bullying. Research is conducted on ways to enhance Cool Kids – Taking Control treatment outcomes (for example, by adding additional cognitive-behavioural skills), ways to improve access to treatment (for example, by providing treatment online) or investigating what types of treatment best suit specific types of anxiety and bullying.

Participating in treatment research means: 1) you must be willing to be randomised to a treatment approach (that is when two or more treatment approaches are offered, the particular treatment approach you receive is selected at random, like pulling names out of a hat); 2) you must be willing to participate in an assessment at the conclusion of treatment and then at typically 1-2 follow-up points (usually six months after finishing treatment); and 3) the treatment provided must be the only treatment that you are accessing for your child’s anxiety and/or bullying. In other words, you agree not to see another therapist at the same time.

If we believe, after assessment, that the current Cool Kids – Taking Control program is suitable for your child, you will receive an invitation to participate. This invitation will provide exact details of the different treatment approaches being investigated and treatment consent. If the research version of Cool Kids – Taking Control is not appropriate, or if you choose not to participate in the offered treatment research, you will be offered appropriate referrals (which may include accessing our private treatment services).

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