About Us

The Cool Kids – Taking Control program is an online eight-session self-help program delivered over ten weeks and is designed to help children who have been targets of bullying and who have high levels of anxiety. 

It uses a cognitive behavioural approach which means that it focuses on teaching skills to manage anxiety and respond to bullying. Core skills include teaching children about bullying and anxiety, how to be confident in social situations, how to better manage fears, helpful ways to act if they are bullied, and how to cope with bullying.

In addition to teaching parents to support their child in the use of these new skills, a section of the program focuses specifically on parenting strategies that can encourage children to manage anxiety and bullying.

During each session

Families receive information on the topic being covered and are offered the chance to engage in discussion, games and role-play to learn new skills and then to use their skills in real-life situations. Practise tasks are a crucial part of the program and are given following every session. Practise tasks encourage the use of new skills in everyday situations.

Both parents (when appropriate) will be encouraged to work through the online program with their child. Parents play an active role in the treatment as coaches, helping their child plan and implement the new skills being learned. They are also guided to explore ways to interact with their child differently and to provide support and encouragement as they progress through the program. Additionally, families receive brief (10-15 minute) weekly phone calls by an allocated therapist to assist families in understanding the program material, support problem solving, and address any questions pertaining to the program material. 

Who is Cool Kids – Taking Control for?

These exclusions are in place to ensure that our treatment programs are delivered to children who are most likely to benefit from the program and for whom we are best equipped to offer services. Each child will be carefully assessed to determine whether our treatments are appropriate or whether other programs or services may better meet their needs.

The Cool Kids – Taking Control program is designed for children: 
  • Who are 7-12 years old, 
  • Who have been bullied at least 3 times in the previous school term,
  • Where anxiety is currently significantly affecting his or her day-to-day life,
  • Who have regular access to a computer and the internet.
not be suitable for your child if he or she:
  • Is significantly below grade for literacy or is not in mainstream class placement,
  • Has Autism or a related disorder (a separate Cool Kids program is available for children who have an Autism Spectrum or Related Disorder),
  • Is currently seeing another therapist, 
  • Has recently started or has changed the dose of psychological medication (in the past 2 months), or plans to change medication while completing treatment, 
  • Is considered at-risk due to abuse or neglect, reports suicidal risk, is self-harming or has been school refusing for a significant length of time.